I pareri della foniatria internazionale sulla tecnica del mix

Shaun Nesseri

Dr. Shawn Nasseri, Foniatra, Beverly Hills”Curo tante corde vocali usurate occupandomi di interventi pre-operatori e post-operatori..

La tecnica del mix non ha solo il grande merito di riabilitare e rimettere in piedi con successo voci danneggiate, ma costituisce anche la BASE per costruire le voci secondi criteri di igiene vocale (non importa se in ambito rock o operistico, del jazz o del musical). Ogni artista o interprete che ha intenzione di usare la voce per la propria carriera professionale ha bisogno di un insegnante certificato..Vorrei raccomandare altamente il metodo a chiunque voglia proteggere la propria voce.” .

Chi è Shaun Nesseri ( in Inglese)

Dr. Shawn S. Nasseri, MD


Otorhinolaryngology Practice with Special Emphasis on:
– Laryngology (Voice & Voice Box Disorders)
– Professional Voice Disorders (Singers, Actors, Vocal Performers)
– Endoscopic, Balloon & Image-Guided Sinus Surgery
– Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Dr. Nasseri has practiced in Beverly Hills for the last 14 years. He is regarded by his peers as a leader in sinus surgery and recognized nationwide as one of the leading voice doctors in America.

He is an active father of three children and married to Dr. Bita Nasseri.


Doctorate of Medicine (1995)
Dr. Nasseri entered Harvard Medical School at the age of 20 as 1 of only 5 students who were awarded Harvard Medical School National Scholarships.
He distinguished himself academically by scoring in the 98th percentile on his U.S.M.L.E. National Board Exams in 1993.
He further distinguished himself in surgery and research through work on his thesis “Chemoprevention In Head & Neck Cancer” which earned him the Henry Asbury Christian Award for Diligence And Scholarship upon graduation.

Bachelor of Science in Biology – (1991)
Dr. Nasseri earned his degree in only 3 years of study with a perfect 4.0 GPA and graduated Summa Cum Laude.
As a youngster who grew up in Kansas, he also terrorized the B-division intramural racquetball courts.

Professional Training

Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery (1995-2000)

Dr. Nasseri trained in surgery and Otorhinolaryngology at the word-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
The Mayo Clinic has one of the strongest surgery, medicine, and oncology programs in the world with over 17,000 physicians, nurses, and ancillary personnel. It consistently earns the US News & World Report ranking as one of the top five hospitals in the world across most medical and surgical specialties.

Dr. Nasseri focused at the Mayo Clinic on voicebox disorders and laryngology performing over 100 laryngeal framework reconstruction surgeries. He also taught in the laryngael reconstruction courses offered through The Mayo Clinic as a resident surgeon. He also ran the laryngeal dystonia clinic for two years performing laryngeal botox injections during his mentor’s absence.
He performed over five hundred image guided endoscopic sinus surgeries and presented two of the largest early series on endoscopic approaches for pituitary brain surgery.
He helped to introduce image guided sinus and pituitary surgery with the Instatrak image guidance system, which was developed by his mentors at Harvard Medical School.

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